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It may be administered Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA any time during the day, however, at the same time every day. The desired blood glucose levels as Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA as the doses and timing of any antidiabetic medication, including Lantus, must be determined and adjusted individually.

Blood glucose monitoring is recommended for all individuals with diabetes. Dose adjustment may also be required, for example, if the patient's weight or lifestyle change, change in timing of Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA dose or nr t circumstances arise that increase susceptibility to hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia.

Any change of insulin dose should be made cautiously and only under medical supervision. Although absorption of Lantus does not differ between abdominal, thigh or deltoid subcutaneous injection sites, as with all insulins, injection sites must be rotated from one injection to the next.

In a study comparing Lantus to NPH insulin in children from 2-5 years, noninferiority was not demonstrated in relation to the primary outcome of hypoglycaemia (see Clinical Trials for details). Efficacy in terms of HbA1c (a secondary efficacy endpoint) Vidaza (Azacitidine)- FDA similar between groups.

Based on the result of a study in paediatric patients, the dose recommendation for changeover to Lantus is the same as described for adults. The initial dose of Lantus should be determined individually, depending on the desired blood glucose levels.

When changing from a treatment regimen with an intermediate or long acting insulin to a regimen with Lantus, the amount and timing of a short acting insulin or fast acting insulin analogue or the dose of any oral antidiabetic drug may need to be adjusted.

In clinical studies, when adult patients were transferred from once daily NPH human insulin or ultralente human insulin to once daily Lantus, the Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA dose Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA usually not changed.

There was also a slightly higher rate of injection site pain seen with Lantus, possibly related to the acidic nature of insulin glargine when compared with NPH insulin.

The majority of injection site reactions were mild, with only one subject in each of the Lantus and NPH Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA groups discontinuing study medication due to injection site adverse events.

A programme of close metabolic monitoring under medical supervision is recommended alcohol related brain damage changeover and in the initial weeks thereafter. As with all insulin analogues, this is particularly true for patients who, due to antibodies to human insulin, need high insulin doses and may experience markedly Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA insulin response with insulin glargine.

With improved metabolic control and resultant increase in insulin sensitivity (reduced insulin requirements) further adjustment of the dose of Lantus and other insulin or oral antidiabetic agents stomach pains the regimen may become necessary.

Unopened vials, cartridges and prefilled pens. Keep in the outer carton in order to protect from light. Do not store next to Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA freezer compartment or freezer packs.

Before first use, Lantus must be kept at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours. Lantus must only be Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA if the solution is clear, colourless with no particles visible, and if it is of water-like consistency. Open (in use) or unrefrigerated vials, cartridges and prefilled pens. Lantus vials, cartridges or prefilled pens, whether or not refrigerated, must be discarded after 28 days from first rufen. Unrefrigerated vials, cartridges or prefilled pens, whether or not in use, must be discarded after 28 days.

This applies irrespective of whether the vial, cartridge or prefilled pen is used immediately or is first carried as a spare for a while. An empty vial, cartridge or prefilled pen must never be reused and must be properly discarded. Before withdrawing Lantus from the Cisplatin Injection (Cisplatin)- FDA for the first time, remove the plastic protective cap.

Do not shake the vial vigorously as this may cause frothing. Froth may interfere with the correct measurement of dose.



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