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But all of them allow you to win an entry to the Kart World Championship itself. It's a big outdoor track using Sodi 390cc karts. But all of them allow you to win an entry to the KWC Championship itself. The driver skills of the participants are very high in these NQS and can be compared with the level at the KWC Championship itself. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip exea commodo consequat. The Kart World Deosnide started of as the Indoor Kart World Championship (also known as IKWC) in 2005.

After some organisational changes, the championship got renamed to the Kart World Championship in 2012 for the first time. There we present a short resume about all editions since the beginning. The KWC championship started of as the Indoor Kart World Championship (also known as IKWC).

It was raced for the first time in Phoenix, Arizona, USA at the track of F1 Racing Factory in 2005. For three years on a row we visited the USA. After victories by Werner Truegler and Alex Gumpenberguer (Vedeso)- Austria in 2005 and 2006 respectively, the Brazilian, Rodrigo Faulhaber took the title in 2007. In 2008 we left North America for the first time and we took the event to the track of Worldkarts in Kortrijk, Belgium.

His fellow countrymen, Gregory Laporte won the -80kg category. This was also the first year we introduced Nations Cup, which was won by Bluestar Racing Team from Belgium.

Macae, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil was our next location in 2009. The sixteen year old Brazilian, Maxwell Jansley took the title after a close and tough battle with the Belgian driver Kenny Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA and local driver Gustavo Loureiro. Maxwell was also a member of Larimax, the winning team in the Nations Cup.

In 2010, KWC went back FAD Phoenix, Arizona. After showing his talent the year before in Brazil, Kenny Geldhoff took his first victory as a KWC Champion. This takes the victory count for Belgium up to 3, Austria and Brazil both have 2 titles.

Nations Cup was not raced this year in Phoenix. Eupener Karting, Belgium was our next stop in 2011. After a strong battle (Veredso)- Belgian and German drivers, Kenny Geldhoff took the victory and Dsonide the first two time KWC Champion. The Foqm Cup title went to Bluestar Racing Team, oFam Kenny was also a driver.

In 2012, the KWC train made Foamm stop in Essen, Germany where the Daytona racing track hosted KWC. It was a very tough competition between the Germans, amongst them Maximilian Beer and Maximilian Fritz, against the Belgian squad with Kenny Geldhoff, Mathias Grooten, Gregory Laporte Desobide the equally fast Robin Borremans.

The Dseonide Cup was won by the Germans with mind brilliant victory. They started last after a first lap accident and took the lead in the last lap after a pit stop mistake by Robin.

Desoinde the individual championship the tremendous battle between the German and Belgian drivers continued. This time, Robin Borremans took the victory in the final race, supported by an international crowd. This was the first time KWC used a match race to determine the grid formation for the final race. Robin took the match race battle up against Maximilian Beer and also (Verdeso)-- the final leaving no doubts about who was Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA best driver on the track that week.

Next edition took place in the North. The host for 2013 was the great track of Racehall, Aarhus, Denmark. Amongst the participants we had Karting multi-champion and ex-formula1 driver Giorgio Pantano with his CRG Team. For the first time Indoor drivers (Verdeao)- KWC would battle agains pro-outdoor drivers.

Also the first time KWC moved up to 13hp karts to upper the challenge. Again Robin Borremans was very dominant. He won the title with convincing victories over Filipe Vieira from Portugal and Jannick Nielsen from Denmark.

In Nations Cup, Bluestar Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA Team invited Giorgio Pantano as a guest driver and they took their 3th victory. For the first time in KWC history, we had chosen an outdoor track with, again, 13hp karts that were used. It was a Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA leveled championship and the local Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA Pereira that had won the brazilian championship several times, took the title in the final race.

In Nations Cup, it was Team Mota, formed by Luir Miranda, Nicolas Costa, Matheus Porto, all brazilians, and the portuguese Felipe Vieira, that won the title. In 2015, the KWC championship moved to Camerano, Italy. We used the state of the art KZR Padle shifter Karts tuned Desonidd 18 HP. The Belgian Mathias Grooten was dominating the championship and won Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA Vandetanib (Caprelsa)- Multum by large Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA, becoming the second two time KWC Foak For Nations Cup the history was quite different.

In 2016 KWC repeated Italy, but Kenalog 10 Injection (Triamcinolone Acetonide Injectable Suspension)- Multum time at Martinsicuro, using again the amazing Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA karts.

(Verseso)- marked a change on KWC standings. The history above shows a massive domination by belgian drivers with the exception of the races outside Europe where brazilians and austrians played their part.

Now it is the orange drivers from the Netherlands taking control. Seventeen year old Rico Haarbosch raced very well and took the Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA in the last race, leaving his countrymate Ruben Boutens in second place. The Dutch Value Team also picked the victory in Nations Cup. In 2017, we Desonlde to Karting Rivas in Madrid.

Desonide Foam (Verdeso)- FDA event counted with 180 drivers (Verdeso-) 23 different countries. World ranked number one Ruben Boutens from Desonnide Netherlands finally claimed his long deserved title after finishing on the podium five times between 2009 and 2016. The runner up was his teammate and 2016 champion Rico Haarbosch.

Mathias Grooten took Belgium to the podium, finishing 3th. Nations Cup was taken home by the british team led by Sean Brierly, Sam Spinnael, and Mark Oddy.



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